Cultivate Cycle Acceptance

Ever since my son’s personality began to take shape, he was of a logical mind. He prefers the language of numbers. He connects best when conceptual ideas are explained with sequence and order. His perceptions are deeply rooted in the sensory world and must be proven by experience and experimentation. Since I can recall - when my young son and I were able to communicate and hold conversation - I have explained to him that EVERYTHING happens in cycles.

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Cultivate Self Love

As with all forms of love, self-love is innate within us all, yet it can lay dormant for extended periods. When we are children, we are naturally tuned into ourselves and unabashedly exude comfort in displaying our true nature and being to the Universe for all to witness. As we continue to grow older and learn from the society we find ourselves in, we both, actively and subconsciously, absorb ideas, morals, ethics and behaviors - some beneficial and others detrimental.

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Cultivate Detached Contentment

True happiness comes from within. It is a mindset. It is an intentional observation of ourselves and the purposeful reaction we have to the countless events that occur constantly around our entire being. Paradoxically, one does not need to be happy to exude true, deep-rooted happiness. True happiness is more closely related to acceptance and being content with what is. Happiness is knowing that we do not know, and will never know, what will be and what should have been. When we relinquish control, we find acceptance, we find contentment and, ultimately we find happiness.

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Cultivate Your Truth

Quick etymological research of the word truth reveals the, not so obvious, synonym fidelity - described as faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support. While I most commonly associate the concept of truth with that of an ethical behavior exhibited during social interaction, this alliance with fidelity holds power and weight.

There have been recent studies observing that each of us, as humans, have not one brain - but three! When considered physiologically, a brain is a massive network of condensed neurons that can learn and adapt. For each one of us, that means that we not only have the brain that sits atop our spinal cord; we also have a brain centered in our abdomen and around our heart. We have gut feelings. We are told to listen to our hearts.

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Cultivate Clean Observation

It is impossible to hear a truly accurate recorded reproduction of an analog instrument as it would sound if you were in a room with a musician experiencing them playing the same instrument live. The reproduced playback is infinitely colored by endless points along the signal flow to the recording medium and then back out from the playback device to your ears.

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Cultivate Imperfection

This old bowl used to belong to my grandparents. When my Papa passed some years ago and my Grandma had already gone, it was one of the things I was drawn to and felt a big enough connection to for whatever reason to bring to my home and claim as my own. Maybe it was simple aesthetics. Maybe it was because I remember candy residing in there when I was younger. Whatever the reason, I brought it home years ago, promptly stuck it in a closet and forgot about it until very recently. 

This bowl used to be a bright, blinding silver. It sat proudly amongst my grandparents belongings, reflecting proudly anything that would approach it. Now it is tarnished and dusty after years of isolation in one of my closets. Dormant and purposeless. Patiently waiting for a rediscovery. If my grandma were around to see it now, I’m almost definite her immediate response would be to grab some silver cleaner and a rag to polish it back to its former brilliant and shiny glory.

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Cultivate Purposeful Detachment

Here at 41°n, during the Autumn months, we witness the intelligence of the trees and their ability to identify and serve the needs of the larger organism over individual pieces of it.

The familiar greens of the Summer that have fallen into the background of our subconscious are replaced by brilliant yellows, magnificent oranges, fiery reds, majestic purples and crunchy browns. The intentional and intelligent process of letting go is upon us and we have the privilege of bearing witness to countless years of evolutionally wisdom.

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Cultivate Compassion

I was born and raised Jewish, but do not currently practice.

Later in life I found yoga and I am currently a practicing yogi.

Within one single and sad week, both of these practices were targeted by anger, hatred and fear, leading to incomprehensible suffering.

Both of these practices teach a strong adherence to compassion. To truly be compassionate to others is held in the highest regard and when that fundamental concept is challenged, that is when even more compassion is needed. We put love and understanding energies out into the world with no expectations, not because we are told to, because we know in our hearts it is the right thing to do.

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