Cultivate Your Truth


Quick etymological research of the word truth reveals the, not so obvious, synonym fidelity - described as faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support. While I most commonly associate the concept of truth with that of an ethical behavior exhibited during social interaction, this alliance with fidelity holds power and weight.

There have been recent studies observing that each of us, as humans, have not one brain - but three! When considered physiologically, a brain is a massive network of condensed neurons that can learn and adapt. For each one of us, that means that we not only have the brain that sits atop our spinal cord; we also have a brain centered in our abdomen and around our heart. We have gut feelings. We are told to listen to our hearts.

These three brains may each have their own agenda and send their own unique signals to our physical selves that may or may not be acted upon. For our inner-self to stay connected with each of these while distinguishing and decoding their messages to base real-world decisions on can be extremely challenging.

How do we know who is telling us the truth? Does each of our brains operate with its own interpretation of fidelity? Does each one decode the world to communicate it back to us with loyalty and support to the entirety of our being?

I believe that each of our brains does have an a strong faithfulness to their own survival, which ultimately makes them faithful to the human vessel is which they reside. I do believe that these bundles of neurons function in harmony and each one knows when to let the other’s signal reach the plateau of awareness that exists for each of us.

It is then up to us as the observer to tune into the right frequencies and connect with the ones that are screaming the loudest, vying for our attention. There is truth in our mind. There is truth is our gut. There is truth is our heart. As the conscious seer behind it all we, we need to listen, openly and honestly to the signals we are receiving so we can act in the most beneficial way possible for our entire being.

This may, at times, look like doing absolutely nothing; allowing your ego to relinquish control and dissipate in the harsh winds of desired validation. This may, at other times, feel like acknowledging and releasing internal conflict; knowing that it may lead to external conflict.

While we must cultivate clean observation, we can accept that our observation will always be colored to some degree. We can then trust in our physiology to help us process, interpret and report the data we have received in a way that will guide our entire selves down the correct path - as long as we are present and skilled listeners.

Once we’ve identified our truth in each situation we then have a duty to our three intelligent counsels and to our entire selves to act or to not act in the way that best serves us and the world around us. When we ignore our truth and are not tuned in properly, we are not avid listeners to ourselves. This feeds internal conflict, causing harm to us and others. Blockages to our healthy energy flow emerge, causing unnecessary turmoil within.

We have but one truth, it is communicated to us uniquely through a complex network of seemingly competing interests. We can simplify. We can let go. We can acknowledge that the truth exists in each one of us - for us. We can show ourselves fidelity by listening, openly and intently so we can own our truth and live freely. Only when we show this respect to ourselves are we truly in a position to show this respect to others so we can all live our truths, unapologetically, and with acceptance of each and every one of the infinite truths in existence.

Evan Scharfeld

Cultivate Yoga