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Cultivate Detached Contentment

True happiness comes from within. It is a mindset. It is an intentional observation of ourselves and the purposeful reaction we have to the countless events that occur constantly around our entire being. Paradoxically, one does not need to be happy to exude true, deep-rooted happiness. True happiness is more closely related to acceptance and being content with what is. Happiness is knowing that we do not know, and will never know, what will be and what should have been. When we relinquish control, we find acceptance, we find contentment and, ultimately we find happiness.

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Cultivate Purposeful Detachment

Here at 41°n, during the Autumn months, we witness the intelligence of the trees and their ability to identify and serve the needs of the larger organism over individual pieces of it.

The familiar greens of the Summer that have fallen into the background of our subconscious are replaced by brilliant yellows, magnificent oranges, fiery reds, majestic purples and crunchy browns. The intentional and intelligent process of letting go is upon us and we have the privilege of bearing witness to countless years of evolutionally wisdom.

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