Cultivate Courageous Inspiration


What is the threshold in our lives in which our determination, our confidence and our passion becomes sullen and weakened? When we are young - to a certain age - there is absolutely nothing we cannot do or accomplish. We are everything all at once and there is nothing that we are not.

After some time on this planet, in this worldly body, we experience a change. The exact age of this metamorphosis varies among us and the exact cause is mysterious. Most likely, the cause cannot be linked to an individual event - more likely it is a conglomerate of life-experience, rooted in contemporary culture. We were, all of us, once so at ease and confident in our true being. At some point in our lives, the societal shadow of “you can’t” creeps ever-closer towards us and begins to overpower the innate voice of the heart - screaming over the darkness to be heard. It strains to be discerned through the omnipresent din until it is weakened to an inaudible whisper. It is our responsibility to ourselves, to our society and to humanity to restore the voice of our hearts to their fullest potential. We must listen for their whispers, connect with their message and proudly translate our truth for the entire world to hear - in clear abundance - as we scream it from the summit of our being.

We must relearn. And when we all begin to speak again in the same courageous and inspired manner - we can change the world. There is a common language that exists within all of us, that has been hidden - buried under years of debris, lying dormant at the base of our soul. We must journey deep within ourselves to uncover our truth - to reconnect with every facet of this lost language and use every part of speech to inspire ourselves and others.

We must expand beyond our perceived limitations. These perceptions are not ours and never have been. Perception contains the illusion of ownership. Each and every thought of limitation or possibility that we have is the result of countless subjective life-experiences within our society, inexplicably linked to one another in our mind, building the basis for a belief that we can or we cannot accomplish something. When we discover that our perceptions are not truly ours, we can detach from them, minimizing them, and instead we can connect with the voice of our heart to live an inspired and open life of possibility.

We can. We can. We can.

A mantra for our future and the single most important step on the journey toward perpetual betterment for all of us.

We can elevate our awareness to an enlightened state.

We can listen to one another with compassion and love.

We can pursue our truth and share it unabashedly.

We can connect with one another to break down barriers that do not serve the greater good.

We can partner to build a society that works for all.

We can eradicate the imprint of limitation that society has left stagnant on all of our hearts.

With courage

We can courageously inspire


Our family

Our friends

Our neighbors

Our enemies

Our strangers

Our humanity

We can.

We can.

We can.

Evan Scharfeld

Cultivate Yoga