Yoga Teacher Training

Fall 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to register with the Yoga Alliance after I have completed my yoga teacher certification?

YES! Nancy Candea is the director of Yoga Impact, which is a RYS (Registered Yoga School) with the Yoga Alliance since 2008.

Do I need yoga experience before I join the Yoga Teacher Training?

It is highly recommended that you have at least a few months of yoga classes before you start. Although there are no strict prerequisites for joining the teacher training, it is very intensive, and you really want to make sure that you are making the right investment in your future.

Can anyone become a yoga teacher?

YES! Nancy has trained and worked with a variety of demographics and in many different settings. There is a need for a broad spectrum of yoga experiences to be offered to communities - from gentle classes and meditation to intense studio workouts. Yoga is for everyone, and we need a variety of teachers to spread the joy.

Will I be able to work as a yoga teacher?

YES! Nancy helps all of her trainees work toward their individual teaching goals. She shares the marketing skills that she has developed through 30 years of yoga practice, 20 years of teaching and private instruction (15,000 hours worldwide), and 5 years of studio ownership. It is not very likely that anyone will offer you a full-time job teaching yoga. For most, yoga teaching can be built to be a lucrative second income.

Will I be able to serve?

YES! Besides being a training school, Yoga Impact is also a not-for-profit that brings yoga teachings to demographics that don’t have access to yoga. We have programs in Boulder, CO and New Jersey. In New Jersey, we currently offer yoga through programs in Newark, and at the Morris County Jail, the Zufall Wellness Center, Cheshire Home, and the VA Medical Center. In Boulder, CO we have a transitional program to help interested inmates use yoga to help them with transition back to their communities. We are always interested in adding more opportunities for our trainees to teach. There are also opportunities to support our work at the administrative level. For more information, visit

Who is Nancy Candea?

An activist in the global health revolution, Nancy is committed to practicing the best version of herself every day, and to using her talents to contribute to the world in a positive way. She is a C-IAYT, 500 E-RYT, and RCYT who teaches yoga classes, works with private clients, and conducts Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Therapy Trainings in Greece, Detroit, New Jersey, Colorado and Hawaii. She is the founder and director of Yoga Impact, a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) and Yoga Impact Institute, a 200-hour, 300-hour, and YACEP school registered with the Yoga Alliance. Yoga Impact Institute also offers a Certificate in Yoga Therapy for Outreach. Yoga Impact focuses on sharing yoga with vulnerable populations – women and children in shelters, at-risk youth, senior citizens, war veterans, and prisoners, as well as the homeless. Yoga Impact is focused on bringing yoga teacher trainings in areas that don’t have access to trainings. Nancy also mentors yoga therapists and yoga teachers in their work with these populations. Her approach to teaching yoga is the product of 30 years of her own practice, her ownership of a successful yoga studio in Hawaii for 5 years, 9 years of training yoga teachers, 4 years of training yoga therapists and her 20 years of teaching. She is truly a "yogi without borders." Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Yoga Therapy Today, Boulder Magazine, and Natural Awakenings. Nancy has done yoga therapy presentations at the International Women’s Writing Guild, Global Ayurveda Conference, LLC, and Northern New Jersey Transitional Yoga Conference 2013. Nancy and her husband are building an earth roof, stone house in Rockaway Township. She enjoys dancing and spending time with her children. For more information and free videos, please visit and

Who is Giavonna Evans?

A wise, strong-willed, determined woman that is devoted to serving others. Driven to be successful, at the age of 20, she was the first of her family to graduate college. She graduated Kent State University in 2006 with a B. A in Justice Studies. Her plan was to use the knowledge she gained from her studies and growing up as a black youth in Cleveland, Ohio to change the criminal justice system from the bottom up. Her ambition had become an obstacle, her young age kept her out of her field of study, and life pushed her in a different direction. In 2015 after no longer being able to secretly battle PTSD and postpartum depression, she began her self healing journey. Through trying many different physical workouts she was brought to yoga. She had finally found her peace. After watching yoga change her life day after day in the most positive ways she had also found her purpose. Giavonna left her full time job of ten years to devote herself to her practice and serving her community. She is a now a 200 RYT with trauma-informed training experience, teaches yoga classes and works with private clients. Her commitment is to contribute to the healing of her community, thus impacting the greater healing of the world that we live in. Her passion for healing runs deep as she is a board member for the not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Cultivate Yoga. Through Cultivate Yoga she teaches yoga and meditation to high-school athletes at her alma mater in Cleveland. Witnessing the positive effects of yoga in the lives of young black youth has brought her to an even higher purpose. She is currently working with Yoga Impact Institute to bring teacher training to the community very close to her heart, her hometown of Cleveland. Giavonna enjoys seeking new adventures with her beautiful daughter, traveling, and living in alignment with her highest version of self.

Tell me about Yoga Impact

Yoga Impact is a non-profit organization that brings the science and art of a yoga lifestyle to a variety of demographics. The components of a yoga lifestyle include yoga postures, breath work, relaxation techniques, eating well, and following your life's path. We believe that to be most effective we need to train and support yoga teachers who represent a variety of backgrounds. We also support yoga research and community projects, including living spaces that foster healthy lifestyles.

What is my personal commitment?

The personal investment is to your health, happiness and wellness. The teacher training is designed to help us all gain insight into what makes us happy? What is our dharma or life’s path? What do we want for our loved ones and ourselves? How are we contributing to the uplift of our community?

What is the time investment?

In addition to the 134 training hours, 46 hours of extra yoga classes and 20 hours of homework, you will be asked to commit to a daily home practice. This can be of your choosing: 5 minutes of breathing and meditation, or maybe stretches and strengthening, or an hour-long practice. What we have seen is that even after 5 minutes of focused breathing, our day-to-day experience is richer and less stressful. Your home practice is the foundation for your teaching.

What is the financial investment?

We are fully committed to making this training happen with 10-15 participants. We do need funds to pay for transportation and teacher expenses. There is a sliding fee scale for this YTT and payment plans available. Trainees can start teaching chair yoga after the first weekend.
• $2100 discounted price - no work-study commitment
• Partial and Full work/study options are available. After you fill out the application form we will send you a work/study applications if requested
• We will provide a list of free yoga classes that you can take to fulfill your yoga class hours. You are welcome to take classes anywhere to fulfill your required hours (at your discretion/additional expense).

Do I need to buy books or special props?

NO! We will provide you with The Keys to Yoga Anatomy by Ray Long and The Heart of Yoga by Desikachar and a yoga mat. There will be an option to buy blocks and blankets. Participants will be encouraged to use a variety of online resources for learning.

I would like to talk this over with Nancy. How do I contact her?

Email Nancy at to set up a time to connect.

I would like to talk this over with Gigi. How do I contact her?

Email Gigi at to set up a time to connect.