Community Support Engagements

This is where our mission ceases to become merely words on a screen and manifests in reality! The contents within this page represent the heart of Cultivate Yoga! Here you will discover ways in which we’ve served our CLE community through the practice and love of yoga.


John Marshall High School

Lead Cultivator: Gigi Evans

Cultivate Yoga is honored to be able to connect and bring the gift of yoga to the student athletes of John Marshall High School. The program started teaching intro style beginner's yoga, once a month in the spring of 2018 to the school's boy's basketball team. The athletes are taught different breathing meditations in conjunction with restorative and challenging yoga asanas. This aides them in optimizing the control of their bodies and breath for the desired performance in their sport. After witnessing the positive change that yoga brought to their young lives - beyond the physical gains, students began to see mental and emotional benefits and they wanted to practice more. Feeling encouraged by the positive response, Cultivate increased class frequency and began to teach once per week. The team has advanced to more powerful intense strength and character building vinyasa flows. The students are taught to take the hour of yoga as an opportunity to look deep and connect with themselves uninterrupted. Their growth has inspired other teams at John Marshall such as the girl's softball team to partake in yoga as well.


City Life Center

Lead Cultivator(s): Colleen Alber, Evan Scharfeld

Cultivate is honored to partner with the City Life Center to lead a weekly all levels/intro style yoga class to young adults at City Life Center.  Staying in line with the mission of City Life, Cultivate designs these classes to bring students into the present moment, to accept their life circumstances and to empower them to make the changes that serve them and their community.  Teachers lead students through breath and movement exercises, while continuously prompting students to bring their focus and awareness to their internal and external entities.  Classes are conducted in a fun and playful manner, but are also challenging while introducing concepts that help to expand student’s minds beyond their perceived limitations.


Northeast Reintegration Center

Lead Cultivator: Rachel Rogers

Cultivate is honored to partner with the Northeast Reintegration Center to lead a weekly all levels yoga class to women offenders at the Northeast Reintegration Center to assist with their time at the center and to provide them with tools they can use to aide their transition into the community.  Initially, the class was open to the women who were receiving mental health services at the center.  Since its inception the class has slowly gained momentum and has been made available to all of the women at the facility.  The class is intended to promote a sense of peace and calmness amidst the stress that comes from living in a somewhat chaotic, yet structured environment.  The women are encouraged to check in emotionally, physically, and mentally throughout class, while listening to their bodies; helping them to practice in a way that supports them at the moment.  By combining breath and movement, the women learn to stay in the present moment and can apply these learned techniques outside of the weekly yoga class.  Our intention is that every woman who participates leave each class with a sense of self-love, increased confidence and an overall feeling of empowerment. 

Providence House pic.JPG

Providence House

Lead Cultivator: Kasey Crawford Kellem

Cultivate is honored to partner with Providence House to lead a weekly yoga experience for kids ranging from 2-12 years old.  Aligning with the mission of Providence House, classes are designed to be light-hearted and fun while providing a safe and nurturing environment for the kids that are calling Providence House their temporary home.  Teachers connect with students who are experiencing difficult and challenging times of transition in their lives with the main goal of bringing joy, happiness and smiles to all. 


House of Champions

Lead Cultivator: Mary Beth Tweardy

Cultivate Yoga is honored to be able to connect and bring the gift of yoga to the House of Champions. The mission of the House of Champions is to provide a nurturing and safe setting with a family-like environment where grade school age children have additional opportunities to learn life skills which will give them the confidence to succeed. The focus is on strengthening academic achievements, practicing communication techniques, and learning respectful and appropriate social skills. (from HOC website). Through a weekly yoga practice during the school year, split into small groups, these 2nd through 4th graders have another opportunity to learn positive self-talk, to stretch and strengthen their physical bodies (and to expel some pent-up energy after school!), and to shore up their manners on the mat and off! These classes are playful and full of joyful experimentation and smiles.