We have crossed paths with a lot of amazing & passionate people & organizations out there in our community. Here you will find some of these organizations that are themselves, uniquely doing their part to lift up our community with light and love. We are connected to each of their missions and, by sharing their passions we hope to spread all of our visions together, further.


Centered Soul Retreats

Centered Soul Retreats provides nurturing space and experiences that guide people to reflect, heal, grow and dream.


Plant-Based CLE

A Cleveland-based organization designed to raise awareness and community support for those who choose to follow a whole foods, plant-based way of eating.


3 Sisters

Our intention at 3 S I S T E R S is to provide a welcoming, safe space where people are free to be themselves and explore their potential. It is our mission to honor and support each individual’s path to wellbeing and personal growth. We do this with open hearts, compassion, a sense of humor, and respect for each person’s present moment. 


Synergy Soul

Offering services to help ignite the fire within to light your own way


Mind Over Matter Studio

A children’s yoga studio emphasizing breathing, meditating, stretching, balancing and strengthening through a variety of yoga poses, games, songs and dances.


Rivers Edge

River’s Edge is a spiritual wellness community here to help you find balance in your life right in your own backyard.  All are welcome.  We offer a variety of wellness classes, private services, speaking events, and retreats to help you expand your mind, move your body, and nourish your spirit.  River’s Edge aims to support you on the journey to whole-person wellness, growth, and wholeness.


Soul To Earth Wellness

To change the culture of our world to one that is healthier, happier and more connected.

With each person that comes into balance in their mind, body and spirit -

I see closer and more loving families,vibrant and joyful communities and a safer, more accepting world for all beings.


Impact Youth, Inc

Impact Youth, Inc provides a community based mentoring and training program designed to actively engage young female and male student athletes in the Cleveland area, so that they willingly become involved with programs that will properly condition their mindset and skill set improving their quality of for themselves, their family, and their community.